Undercouver nights @ Bar Agito (12-09-2009)

I spy... on you.
You spy... on me.
Everyone wants to know about everybody's life. The sordid details of the blood, sweat and tears soap opera episodes in which we have the lead role.

Bah! Forget your life for a few hours and come enjoy some good music.

Feel free to come undercover. We will give you a Spy codename.

Who are the DJs? Agent 00-Roger and Agent Mata gaZpariii at your (majesty's) service!

Where: Bar "Agito", Rua da Rosa, nº 261 (Bairro Alto) - Lisbon.

When: 22h-03h, 12-09-2009.

8 comentários:

inixion disse...

O.M.G. lol

a spy codename...i always wanted one of "those" ...cant wait to se what´s going to come OUT of there LOLOLOL


Mikael disse...

A ver se passo por lá, à socapa :P

Graven disse...

Whoo uuuhh! PARTY!


gaZpar disse...

inixion: lol You'll be surprised!

mikael: Podes passar à socapa mas tens de me dizer um olá e dar um aperto de mão secreto. :P

graven: Not that kind of party!!!

Graven disse...

Techno Viking is not amused...

gaZpar disse...

lol but he amused me!

Anónimo disse...

So how was the guitar queer night???

gaZpar disse...

It was great. Another one will be happening tomorrow!
And who are you, mr. anonymous?