Halloween night @ Agito Bar 31-10-2009

I'm not scared of ghosts, zombies, monsters or vampires.
It is the real people that scare me. The ones that are alive but have been brain-dead for a long time.
And the ones that have a dead heart too.

If you consider yourself to be alive, with a pumping heart and a working brain, please feel free to come to our Halloween night.

The music won't be scary. Our faces will be!

Who are the DJs? FrankenRoger and ScaryGazpary!

Where: Bar "Agito", Rua da Rosa, nº 261 (Bairro Alto) - Lisbon.

When: 22h-03h, 31-10-2009.

Image source: marvel.com

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MrTBear disse...

Um dia antes passei por lá, ainda não era dia de bruxas, mas que as havia.... e bruxos lol