The Unplayable Remixes - Vol.1

A friend of mine asked me to do some remixes for a party and this is the result.
4 remixes of some of the songs contained in the Unplayable Playlist
Vol.1, 2 & 3 (available in this blog) and some new songs to be added to vol. 4 (almost done!).

These 4 remixes are ordered from "soft" to "hard" songs, from the beguinning of the night to the end of it: 1) The
Unplayable Indie Mix; 2) The Unplayable Electro-Pop Mix; 3) The Unplayable Dance Mix; 4) The Unplayable Hard Dance Mix.

To listen to them, just click the links below. (no sharing please)
The songs list can be provided on request.

The Unplayable Indie Mix: Listen

2) The
Unplayable Electro-Pop Mix: Listen

3) The
Unplayable Dance Mix: Listen

4) The
Unplayable Hard Dance Mix: Listen

P.S. - My favorite is the "The Unplayable Dance Mix" but to be honest... I like all of them!

5 comentários:

inixion disse...

oooh gosssshhh so many to put my "ears" on lol...

Aequillibrium disse...



gaZpar disse...

inixion: lol It's a remix fest!

aequi: :-) Thank you!

Graven disse...

Don't you mean Kylie fest?

gaZpar disse...

B*tch. Only has two of her songs! lol
But yes... I like her and the remixes even more. :P